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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Field & Facility Renovations at the Boys & Girls Club of the Big Island (Hilo, HI), 11u MTAG Team, Hosted Multiple Clinics & Community Events.

GOAL: Expose young athletes and create an experience of playing on the mainland.


Knox & KJ Marzo

Restoration of the Hilo Boys & Girls Club

On MTAG's initial trip to Hawaii in 2017 led by Mike Miller, it became apparent that the fields were not safe for the kids to practice on. The rusted fences, broken benches, homeless using the dugouts and snack shack as refuge, and overgrown weeds taking over the infield, proved to be an unsafe environment for youth to learn the game. Miller hatched a plan to bring back a team in later in the fall to address the needs of the baseball fields, as well as donate equipment and run clinics. An all-star team of volunteers was assembled to include; Mitch Haniger (Seattle Mariners), Mike Miller (Boston Red Sox) and Joey Wagman (Oakland Athletics). 

The crew brought life to a field that previously had none. To further the progress, MTAG has revisited at the beginning of every year, a good time for professional players to reset, and get off on the right foot before diving in to their respective seasons. Major Leaguers Bobby Dalbec (Boston Red Sox) and Jordan Weems (Oakland Athletics) have made their impact felt with instruction and displays of ability. 


"It’s not all about baseball, it’s about being a better person, to give back, be a role model and help those in need. Realize
the game is bigger than you. It’s all about bringing other people up with you and improving other peoples quality of life."

-Mitch Haniger

Seattle Mariners


"I have learned to not only love the game of baseball, but also loved watching kids develop mental toughness, life lessons and of course becoming a better athlete and human being.  I know people say that a coach will be one of the biggest influences in an athletes life, but, I believe, athletes influence a lot of positive life changes in a coach."

-Koa Marzo

Coach B&G Club


Big-hitting Bobby Dalbec shining as bright spot atop Red Sox prospect pipeline


Haniger brings giving spirit to kids in Hawaii


Big league players pitch in to renovate fields, mentor youth

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