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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Colombia is one of our most traveled locations. We’ve been able to grow the baseball program in Medellin from 15 kids to over 80 in the span of a couple years, and create opportunities for youth to travel to the United States using the game of baseball. Three players received scholarships and graduated from Concordia University-Chicago.

GOAL: Using baseball as a means to getting an education, so we place an emphasis on learning English as a prerequisite of playing in the United States. The MTAG scholarship program and English program prepares youth for future opportunities both inside and outside the game of baseball.

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In 2016, More Than A Game created an opportunity for three talented Colombian players to play collegiately for Laney College in Oakland, California. After Laney, the three stuck together and accepted the opportunity to play at Concordia University in Chicago. From there, Jose Mercado continues to explore the prospects of professional baseball, Mateo Calle is enrolled in graduate school, and Abelardo Paz returned home too . All three continue to serve as mentors to kids in the MTAG and Envigado Cubs programs.

Mateo Calle

Jose Mercado

Abe Paz

MTAG 2016

MTAG 2015

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"Baseball Is Changing Lives

in Colombia"


"More Than a Game:

By Mike Stawski"


"Colombian ballplayers part of Laney College team’s success"


The opportunity to play baseball past age fourteen is difficult to come by in Colombia. Many players are forced to forgo education at the risk of signing professionally. To enhance their options, More Than A Game has created an English class at the youth complex in Envigado, as well as brought 20+ players from Colombia to spend time in the United States. The intention of the program is to create opportunities for young athletes to travel, play baseball and further their english skills to better their chances for college enrollment in the United States. Players have stayed with host families in Georgia, Illinois, Texas, California, and Arizona. The earlier MTAG is able to get them into the U.S., the easier it has been for youth to integrate into American culture and adapt English.

Please email us if you're interested in hosting opportunities!

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